Wanted: Perfect Lover

I can see a huge billboard found deep down in your heart and mine that reads: “Wanted: Perfect Lover.” Have you seen it? Still searching. The scene in the love story of the book of Song of Songs best illustrates this:

Song of Songs 5:6

“I opened to my lover, but he was gone! My heart sank. I searched for him but could not find him anywhere. I called to him, but there was no reply.”

You see, in one way or another we all still feel unwanted. Still searching. Like the woman in the Song of Songs who lost her lover and now is out for the hunt, we have yet to find The One. And so we strive. We all look for Love replacements. In effect, we tend to lower down our worth and value for the trade. We’ve become so desperate for love rather than becoming desperate for the right kind of Love.


We’ve turned into a hopeless beast in wild search for acceptance, for worth, for value, for security, for love, for approval, for validation, for cleansing and forgiveness in all the wrong places (in a form of job security, financial stability, healing and prosperity, emotional needs, healthy relationships, ministry growth and so on).

Still searching.

One morning, this thought raced down from my head straight down to my chest. Something had just robbed my joy and peace and my freedom as it triggered my insecurities. It showed me how dependent I was on things to come my way exposing the true content of my heart.

There’s this deep awareness and realization liberating me from what has captured my heart that is now freeing me from all this fear and false security.

Once again, introducing… the Gospel.

This thought opened wide the eyes of my heart where the idol-making factory lies. Here is what God impressed to me that day:

Every fear can be traced by our failure to grasp that we are already loved and pursued by a Perfect Lover.


Time and time again I am reminded of the liberating and transforming power of the Gospel. All I need is to be reminded of it; to face myself in the mirror and look straight in the eye at this forgetful amnesiac being while boldly declaring: “Who I am is in Christ and everything I desperately long for and crave for and die for is found in nowhere else but in Jesus alone!”

Which is why:

In every insecurity. Every uneasiness.

Every worry. Every anxiety.

Every disappointment & frustration. Every rejection.

Every hopelessness. Every trouble.

Every unforgiveness. Every bitterness.

Every anger. Every pride.

Every lust and impurity.

Every idolatry in our heart.

Every fear.

They can all be traced by our failure to grasp that we are loved and pursued by a Perfect Lover. And all the while, this has made me conclude that the most forgetful people in the world are probably Christians. They are the most joyful after conversion and the most miserable soon after while drifting away from the gospel that so powerfully liberated them.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my greatest need today that Jesus didn’t die for?”


You’d pause for awhile and say, “Well, He died for all of them.” But does the gospel really have the power to set you free from the things that have held your heart captive in the past, present and future?

Here is a daily reminder we need to grasp: We are at our worst when we forget this and at our best when we remember that “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1)

There’s this unexplainable freedom from the Love from above so captivating is His grace and mercy reviving our weary and tired spirit from all the striving and it is only when we come thirsty in understanding deeply the gospel that we can be totally set free!

And here’s more Good News. It is forever yours and mine in Christ! And now that is why every fear can be extinguished by our deeper understanding of the gospel that we are loved and pursued by a Perfect Lover.

1 John 4:18

“but perfect love drives out fear.”

When it’s the perfect love from above that drives you, who in the world would think, feel and act in fear? That is the gospel-fueled kind of love. And this is what we’re actually missing all along!

Now discovering the gospel head on in a whole new way leads our souls to finally come to a full stop from ever wandering aimlessly beating the air in pursuit of things only the gospel can truly meet, satisfy and complete when we finally come to our senses and confess that already,”It is finished.”

As the shepherdess’ response in complete surrender to her Lover with a deeper understanding that there’s nowhere else she’d rather be other than in the arms of her Lover:

Song of Songs 7:10

I am my lover’s, and he claims me as his own.

So gone are all our searching… It’s all over. “It is finished.” My hope and prayer for you and me is for us to understand and live out this truth that in the gospel, Jesus Christ has set you and I free already. Gone are all our fears.

Every fear can be extinguished by our deeper understanding of the gospel that we are loved and pursued by a Perfect Lover.