The Fine Line: Finance Series

There is a “fine line” between using money as a tool and loving and relying on money and wanting more. Question is “how do we find the right balance between loving money and using it to honor God?” It can be indeed a challenge, but we can find the right balance.

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At the end of this series, the listeners will have a biblical understanding of money that will result in a life of greater faith, good stewardship and generosity. Let us keep away from the dangers and pitfalls of the love of money as opposed to knowing who is the real provider.

Here are the following topics for this series:

Week 1. GREED vs. CONTENTMENT. Greed could be conquered through contentment.
Week 2. FALSE HOPE vs. TRUE SECURITY. Security comes by trusting in Christ rather than riches.
Week 3. SELFISHNESS vs. GENEROSITY. Lasting rewards come with having a generous heart.
Week 4. TEMPORAL vs. ETERNAL. Generosity has eternal impact.