Our God is a generational God. He sees and thinks across space and time, and plans out the whole world’s fate through preparing and touching the lives of people. In this new series, You, we look into some Biblical examples of people that God used to prepare the next generation for what God wanted to do.

Today we live in a world that does not think very generationally. Majority of our culture does not look to educating and molding the next generation to become better than the present. Crab mentality, lack of disciplining methods, ignorance to right upbringing and indifference to educating children and students all fight against God’s design for us as a community to be generational.

As we look into what God’s Word tells us to do to prepare the next generation, let us all be expectant and ready to receive His instruction on what we can do to prepare the next generation for greater things.


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Who Cares

Discover God’s heart for the poor and needy in our series, “Who Cares.” We hope that each of us will play a part in meeting their needs in tangible and meaningful ways. [Read more…]

It’s Not That Complicated: Love Month Series

God’s Word does not only show us Jesus’s story—it also includes different love stories that all of us can learn from. What can we learn from the men and women in these stories of the Bible? Discover how we can live a life of love in our new series entitled, “It’s NOT That Complicated!” [Read more…]

Built to Last

Be a part of building what is eternal. A church is more than just a building. It’s true essence is the gathering of a spiritual family for the purpose of glorify the name of God and advancing His Kingdom.

In this series we will learn how each member holds a vital role in the call to build the temple of God. We look into the story of how David brought together the people of Israel to build the temple of the Lord.

Ready your hearts for what God is going to do through you as we all open our lives and become built to last. [Read more…]

Knowing My True Provider by Paula Joy Nugpo

Last Ignite 2013 (May 29-31), we were asked to have a certain amount of money for our allowance. My parents already told me that they will provide for my expenses for the trip, but I wanted to challenge my faith in God when it comes to my finances. I’ve always relied on my parents to give me my needs and wants, but I wanted to change that. So, I only asked from them an amount that won’t be enough for the whole trip. [Read more…]

All Weather

Our walk with God isn’t always full of good times. There are some moments where challenges are brought into our lives.But God also brings to us those seasons of overflowing blessing, where we thrive in good circumstance.

Through Christ, we can live lives that honor God, in spite of anything that comes our way. We can also trust that God is present in any and every situation we face.

[Read more…]

Sidekicks (Vacation Bible School)


Last May 6 to 10, Kids Church Iloilo put together a Summer Vacation Bible School program for kids. More than 50 kids were a part of this five day program.

The theme ‘Sidekicks’ talked about how Jesus is our superhero and how we are all His ‘sidekicks’ in fighting the enemy and advancing His Kingdom. [Read more…]