Victory exists for two things: to honor God, and to make disciples. At the beginning of the year, we all learned what it means to honor God in everything that we do and with everything that we are.

The application was clear, that God should be the center of everything that we do. This time, join us as we look into what discipleship means, and what it takes to be one and to make one. Discipleship is simple, and it is for everyone!

Simple full

“Love God, Love Others” by Pastor Keith Deloria

I met James and Ben for the first time last Aug 2, 2013. They are the boyfriends of my wife’s nieces from Australia. During their visit to here in Iloilo, I got the chance to talk with these two great guys. We talked about culture, practices, families, hobbies and life. I got to play chess with James and to chat with Ben about his music.
It was a great time to build relationships with these men, who soon we will even be considering family.

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