The overarching theme of the whole Bible is redemption of man- being saved from sin and being reconciled to God. And the word of God has one hero- Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelations, the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus has been foreshadowed.

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The goal of the series is to highlight the significance of God’s sovereign plan for salvation that is revealed in the Old Testament, fulfilled through Christ’s life and death.

It is made available for us today, resulting in a life lived in accordance with the Gospel. God’s plan and story of redemption is shown to be perfect, not lacking anything, and we look into this through four lessons:

Lamb of God. God’s sovereign plan for redemption was provided before the creation of the world through Jesus, the Lamb of God.

High Priest. Access to God’s presence was made possible through Jesus, our Great High Priest.

Suffering Servant/Perfect Substitute. Reconciliation (peace) with God was made available through Jesus suffering.

The Last Adam. Adam veiled the love of God, and it was unveiled through Jesus.

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BC: The Christmas Series

The Christmas season is not only a time to celebrate the gifts, not buenas and family reunions.

As wonderful and God-honoring as these things are, the main thing at this time should always be to remember the great promise of redemption, marked by the birth of Jesus here on earth.

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God’s grace is never without evidence in our lives. Join us for “Proof,” our four-week series on grace. At the end of this series, may each of us have a greater understanding of God’s grace and its effect in our lives—resulting in lives of purity, productivity, and generosity.

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“Love God, Love Others” by Pastor Keith Deloria

I met James and Ben for the first time last Aug 2, 2013. They are the boyfriends of my wife’s nieces from Australia. During their visit to here in Iloilo, I got the chance to talk with these two great guys. We talked about culture, practices, families, hobbies and life. I got to play chess with James and to chat with Ben about his music.
It was a great time to build relationships with these men, who soon we will even be considering family.

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All Weather

Our walk with God isn’t always full of good times. There are some moments where challenges are brought into our lives.But God also brings to us those seasons of overflowing blessing, where we thrive in good circumstance.

Through Christ, we can live lives that honor God, in spite of anything that comes our way. We can also trust that God is present in any and every situation we face.

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