What You Shouldn’t Miss at the ENC Iloilo Youth Service

“Life is meaningless apart from a relationship with God.” This encompasses my great experience during the launching of Every Nation Campus Iloilo’s youth service last July 31. At last, the time has come after two years of praying!

Youth Service Jamming

245 students worshiping Jesus.


We prepared a month before the event. During the process, unavoidable challenges happened yet this motivated the students to aim for excellence in their service through their respective ministries; admin, communications, music, production, tech and ushering. As the launch was approaching, we were getting more excited to invite our friends, so we actively spread the news at our campuses and even through social media.

The 5-minute countdown finally began yet we were quite anxious seeing only about half of the chairs occupied. The youth service was opened by some of the Central Philippine University students giving their dance intermission. Then gradually, students were simultaneously coming in the center which eventually became jam-packed just in time for the music team to lead them to a powerful praise and worship.

Youth Service Launch Fun and Games

The night was full of fun and games for ENC Students


Praise God for the 245 students, almost a hundred beyond our expected number, who joined us in this event. We had a game called “Tindero” that successfully broke the ice and caught the students’ attention for the Word. The topic of the message was Campus Life Hacks which was delivered by Coach Francis Cordova through giving some tips not just for the freshmen but for all the students.


After the message, students broke into groups and started discussing what they learned from the preaching. CPU, UPV, JBLFMU, WVSU, ISAT U, USA, UI, WIT, ABE, Bethany Life Center Academy, INHS, ICNHS, Lapaz National Highschool, and St. Therese College were the campuses represented that night.

Life Groups

It feels so great to witness what God is doing in the lives of the students and in this city. This is just the beginning and we’re praying for these and more students to be discipled. Last month’s youth service was a blast and I’m excited to praise God together with other students this coming August 28. I don’t want to miss this.

At the end of the day, I am reminded that it is all about God. Everything in this world is vain apart from God and having a relationship with Him.

Don’t miss this month’s Youth Service as we jam together with you and your friends!The next youth service will be on August 28, 2015

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This is a guest post by Kate Zuyco, one of Every Nation Campus Iloilo’s Leaders from University of the Philippines Visayas – Miagao.