Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting 2017


Join our Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting from July 4 to 6. Let’s take time as a church family to consecrate ourselves, our families, and ministries to God, and thank Him for His faithfulness, mercy, and grace.

Prayer Meeting Schedule

 July 4-6 | 6:30PM | Victory Iloilo Mandurriao Center
Paseo de Arcangeles, Diversion Road
Mandurriao, Iloilo City

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The Apostle’s Creed

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At the end of this series, our hope is that disciples will have a deeper and stronger foundation by looking back to our historic faith resulting to a certainty of what we believe, and be better equipped to face current cultural challenges and spiritual issues in life.

Get ready for our seven-week series, “The Apostle’s Creed!” Here are the weeks for the series.

Week 1 – God the Father and Creator

Week 2 – The Lord Jesus Christ

Week 3 – The Holy Spirit

Week 4 – The Church

Week 5 – Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ

Week 6 – Resurrection of the Body and Eternal Life

Week 7 – Asencion, Second Coming and Judgment.

The Heart Truth

THT poster copy

Valentines is approaching, and people all over the globe are looking forward to the “Love Month.” Although, one question we must ask ourselves is “Is the popular world-view of love congruent with the Bible’s definition of love?”

The goal of this series is to have an understanding of love and a greater persuasion of God’s design and plan for marriage that will cause people to have altruistic relationships and resilient marriages in the midst of a culture that counters the truth.

Week 1 – Real Love

Week 2 – Real Marriage

Join us in our worship services for our new series- The Heart Truth! Schedule of services are 10AM in Amigo Hotel, Iznart Street and 9AM, 11AM, 4PM and 6PM in Paseo de Arcangeles, Mandurriao.

2015 Christmas Series – Unboxed


It’s Christmas time once again! Join us this December as we learn more about who Jesus is as our Savior and Lord in our Christmas series, Unboxed. After this series, may each of us gain deeper insight on who He is and learn to worship, be grateful for, and walk more closely with with Him! [Read more…]

Behind The Seen

For everyone who’s watched a movie (and most probably that is everyone), we all come to appreciate a film for what it is, however not many recognize, or even thank the people behind the film. Usually the end credits where all the names of the people who worked hard to make the movie a reality is our cue for us to leave the movie house.


But without a shadow of a doubt, a film, theater play or event will not be possible if not for the people who work from the background. Many people work behind the scene to have a production. In the same way, the Holy Spirit is the person behind the miracles in the stories discussed in the series.

For the next four weeks, we will be looking into the person and work of the Holy Spirit as:


ENAct: Every Nation in Action

Victory Iloilo is a local church that is a part of one church across different locations- Victory Philippines. Victory is also a subset of a bigger umbrella called Every Nation. As a movement across the whole globe, Every Nation is an organization that exists to establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

Every Nation in Action

Every Nation in Action

This is in line with the mandate Christ gave to the disciples, and subsequently to us, right before He left earth, “Go and make disciples in all nations.” In this series, ENAct, we see Every Nation in action.

We look into stories in the early church as recorded in Acts, and see how we as a movement have been called by God to specific areas. At the end of this series our people will grasp and be inspired to actively participate in the Every Nation mission.

Get ready for our latest series, ENAct, as we look into Every Nation in ACTION!


The overarching theme of the whole Bible is redemption of man- being saved from sin and being reconciled to God. And the word of God has one hero- Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelations, the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus has been foreshadowed.

Listen to the Podcast at the bottom!


The goal of the series is to highlight the significance of God’s sovereign plan for salvation that is revealed in the Old Testament, fulfilled through Christ’s life and death.

It is made available for us today, resulting in a life lived in accordance with the Gospel. God’s plan and story of redemption is shown to be perfect, not lacking anything, and we look into this through four lessons:

Lamb of God. God’s sovereign plan for redemption was provided before the creation of the world through Jesus, the Lamb of God.

High Priest. Access to God’s presence was made possible through Jesus, our Great High Priest.

Suffering Servant/Perfect Substitute. Reconciliation (peace) with God was made available through Jesus suffering.

The Last Adam. Adam veiled the love of God, and it was unveiled through Jesus.

Listen to the Podcasts here!

Work Series: Thank God it’s Monday

It’s all too common for professionals to dislike the idea of Monday. Monday stands for the biggest challenge of all- the start of the week.

Work Series: TGIMonday

Congested traffic, assignments from last week piling up, rush meetings. It’s become a corporate culture to groan at the thought of Monday. But is this what God intends for us? Is your job really a burden or are we looking at all of this from the wrong angle- the wrong perspective? Who’s idea was work in the first place?

Genesis 2:15 accounts for one of the first jobs in the world, The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

From the very beginning, the concept of jobs was God’s idea. He gave Adam the first job description ever, be fruitful, multiply, subdue and have dominion. Our primary task is stewarding what God has given us. God made work for us, not so as to deny us of enjoyment, but He gave it to us to enjoy.

In this series- Thank God It’s Monday or TGIM- we look into the conception, misconceptions and preconceptions of work and how it affects both the way we view life and the way we view our God.

Be ready for what blessing and revelation God is going to speak to you through this series!

Cross Training: Spiritual Disciplines

If you’re into sports or follow a sport, you will be aware of the concept of cross training. Cross training is a practice done by athletes wherein they learn and exercise a sport that is different from the one they do professionally.

Cross Training

A swimmer may do biking, a basketball player may do swimming, a football player may do basketball. The objective behind cross training is to allow athletes to grow in other sports and gain the strengths in them.

As Christians, we are called to cross train in different principles. The Bible does not tell us to pray alone and not read the Bible. It does not tell us to fast, but not be generous. In this series, Cross Training, we look into practices that God has taught us and commanded us to grow in, and the spiritual implications of such.

Get ready to stretch that spiritual muscle!