“Vacation to Mission: How God took my plans, and gave me His” by Alvin Ong

My story’s lesson could be summarized to this: God’s plan is always higher than ours. Sometimes we make our own plans thinking that things could not be better, then God turns the tide on us and things don’t go our way. But little do we know that God is just setting us up for His plans, which are always far better than ours.

Two months ago, My friends and I planned a trip to Carles, Iloilo to visit Isla Gigantes. The excitement I felt back then was no equal however to the dismay that replaced it when I found out that the beautiful island had been destroyed by Supertyphoon Yolanda. But the disappointment i felt wasn’t becaus my vacation plans wouldn’t push through. It was a dismay driven by a God-impressed compassion for the people who had been affected by the storm surge. [Read more…]