Uncensored: What is God’s View of Sex?

The world has formed a very unhealthy, distorted and destructive perspective of sex. What was once a distinct line between purity and sin has been pushed back, and certain views that are not aligned with God’s word have not become the norm.

As disciples, we often battle with the idea: Are we to accept the world’s standards, or should we battle for God’s view of sex?


In this series, we will look into what God’s view of sex is. How is sexual immorality an idol? Who has the authority to define what sex is? And how do we live pure and holy lives?

Honor God

It’s a new year, and a new time to learn more about God’s faithfulness! We all want to start the year right. That’s why we’re going back to the core of everything- of what 2015 should be all about.

And 2015, moreover our whole lives, must always be about honoring God. Join us at all our Victory locations as we discover what it means to honor God in our new series, “Honor God.”


Series Break – New Year 2015

The welcoming of the new year is always a time to reflect upon the past year and look forward to the upcoming year. It’s become so common to begin the year with a list of resolutions, but many of these resolutions never make it past the first month!

In this series break, Pastor Raffy Gonzaga shares about a biblical perspective of establishing long-term, life-long change in our lives through Jesus Christ.


BC: The Christmas Series

The Christmas season is not only a time to celebrate the gifts, not buenas and family reunions.

As wonderful and God-honoring as these things are, the main thing at this time should always be to remember the great promise of redemption, marked by the birth of Jesus here on earth.

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Big Deal

Money is a big deal. It’s what we work for, what we exchange for things of value, what most decisions people make are based on. Most of the time it even affects the way other people see us.

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God’s Not Dead: Series Break


The Philippines is ranked lowest in incidence of atheism, with the percentage of atheist Filipinos being only 0.7%. However, even with the great majority of Filipinos believing in a God who is alive, our culture dictates a statement that claims otherwise.

God is not a God who is hiding, but who shows Himself to us. Moreover, He longs to be in a growing relationship with all.Learn more about the reality of God based on His attributes and creation in our series break, “God’s Not Dead”.

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Why Me? : Why Bad Things Happen to Good People


Ever ask why bad things happen to good people? Join us for our new series- “Why Me?”- as we look into biblical principles of pain and trial.

At the end of this series, we will see God’s perspective on suffering and its ultimate outcome, so that we will trust him more.

Week 1. Reality of Suffering
Week 2. Reason for Suffering
Week 3. Restoration after Suffering

Uncharted: Discover Where the Gospel is Going Today


Victory as a church believes in going to the nations for the advancement of the gospel. Join us in our Missions series, “Uncharted.” Discover our role in reaching out to lost cities and training leaders.

We are not just called to share the gospel to our individual communities; rather, God calls us to the ends of the earth. Each of us can participate by praying, giving, and going to the nations.


Week 1: Reach a City to Change the World

Week 2: Lead to Leave

Set Apart

God’s holiness is an attribute that many people today fail to effectively and clearly understand. Through our new series, Set Apart, we look into God’s holiness and how we as His people respond to a holy God. [Read more…]