The overarching theme of the whole Bible is redemption of man- being saved from sin and being reconciled to God. And the word of God has one hero- Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelations, the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus has been foreshadowed.

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The goal of the series is to highlight the significance of God’s sovereign plan for salvation that is revealed in the Old Testament, fulfilled through Christ’s life and death.

It is made available for us today, resulting in a life lived in accordance with the Gospel. God’s plan and story of redemption is shown to be perfect, not lacking anything, and we look into this through four lessons:

Lamb of God. God’s sovereign plan for redemption was provided before the creation of the world through Jesus, the Lamb of God.

High Priest. Access to God’s presence was made possible through Jesus, our Great High Priest.

Suffering Servant/Perfect Substitute. Reconciliation (peace) with God was made available through Jesus suffering.

The Last Adam. Adam veiled the love of God, and it was unveiled through Jesus.

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Work Series: Thank God it’s Monday

It’s all too common for professionals to dislike the idea of Monday. Monday stands for the biggest challenge of all- the start of the week.

Work Series: TGIMonday

Congested traffic, assignments from last week piling up, rush meetings. It’s become a corporate culture to groan at the thought of Monday. But is this what God intends for us? Is your job really a burden or are we looking at all of this from the wrong angle- the wrong perspective? Who’s idea was work in the first place?

Genesis 2:15 accounts for one of the first jobs in the world, The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

From the very beginning, the concept of jobs was God’s idea. He gave Adam the first job description ever, be fruitful, multiply, subdue and have dominion. Our primary task is stewarding what God has given us. God made work for us, not so as to deny us of enjoyment, but He gave it to us to enjoy.

In this series- Thank God It’s Monday or TGIM- we look into the conception, misconceptions and preconceptions of work and how it affects both the way we view life and the way we view our God.

Be ready for what blessing and revelation God is going to speak to you through this series!

I am a World Changer: The Ignite Experience

If I were to summarize what I have learned during my Ignite experience into one word, it would be PURPOSE.

Caroline, one of the ENC Leaders, at Ignite 2015 held last June 2-4.

Caroline, one of the ENC Leaders, at Ignite 2015 held last June 2-4.

When I became a Christian, and I started having a relationship with God, he started to reveal to me the reason why I exist in this world, and that He created me for a purpose. But I went on and continued with my journey in life, and I became busy doing the things the world demands. I still knew my purpose but it is not something that motivates me to wake up in the morning anymore. It was there, but I wasn’t there with it.

When Ignite was being introduced to us, I decided to go even if I did not feel like going because I know that deep down in my heart God is going to rekindle something in me during that conference.

Little did I know that He would let me burn with that purpose I received a long time ago- to let the whole world know that His love is the greatest love of all! Jesus is the answer!

Worship at Ignite 2015. Photo taken from Ignite PH Facebook Page

Worship at Ignite 2015. Photo taken from Ignite PH Facebook Page

Today I am beyond grateful for making the right decision to go. He reminded me that I am not just an ordinary person. He has called me to do great- even greater things! He opened my eyes and made me see what he can do to my campus.

I was a passive Victory group leader back then. I did not have the burden to reach out. I wanted people to come to me, instead of me reaching to them. I realized how ungodly I was and how selfish I had been to keep the Gospel to myself. Jesus was never like that. He has always been about reaching out to the lost.

LifeBox is now Every Nation Campus!

LifeBox is now Every Nation Campus!

God exposed impurities in my heart and restored me while I was in Araneta Coliseum. He has given me a new heart and a new spirit. He told me that I can change my campus and at the same time influence the world by being excellent in the marketplace he has put me into. There may be struggles ahead but I am an over comer.

I am a world changer. This is not my battle but this is God’s. Therefore, I am confident that the victory is already ours! Even if my faith is as small as a mustard seed, I can say to the mountain, “Move from here to there.” and it will move because nothing will be impossible for me. This is the power God has given to me as His daughter.

I have decided to use this power. I am not going to waste it! Changing the world is not going to be easy. We will have to do it one campus at a time, but it is going to be worth it!


Caroline is an Every Nation Campus Iloilo leader from University of the Philippines in the Visayas. She recently graduated from her college degree last June.

Victory Weekend brings Freedom

Last June 19-20, thirty-five candidates experienced freedom in Victory Weekend, a two-day spiritual retreat. Of the 35, 30 were water baptized.


Victory Weekend is one of the movement’s programs to establish believers in Biblical foundations. The goal is to minister freedom to disciples, so that they will also be able to minister to others.

The movement’s mission is to honor God and make disciples in the city of Iloilo.  The event is part of our discipleship process. The process involves four E’s- engage th community, establish biblical foundations, equip believers to minister and empower disciples to make disciples. We believe that everyone is called to make disciples and to be a disciple, and this event is a means to fulfill that call.

The vision is to build the candidates now to become ministers as well, as they have received ministering. The highlights of the event included sessions in truth, repentance and faith. During sessions teachers ministered in the area of knowing the power of the cross, being free from areas of sin, and living a new lifestyle of faith and disciple-making.

Other highlights included ministering of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, counseling time with the candidate’s leaders and water baptism. The next Victory Weekend is scheduled to be on October, and those who look forward to being a part of the next one can join a discipleship group and start with One2One.

Here are the photos of the highlights of the event. You can download the high resolution pictures by clicking on them.

Victory Weekend 1

Victory Weekend 2

Victory Weekend 3

Victory Weekend 4

Victory Weekend 5

Victory Weekend 6

Victory Weekend 7

Victory Weekend 8

Victory Weekend 9

Victory Weekend 10

Victory Weekend 11

Victory Weekend 12

Victory Weekend 13

Victory Weekend 14

Victory Weekend 15

Victory Weekend 16

Victory Weekend 17

Victory Weekend 18

Victory Weekend 19

Victory Weekend 20

Victory Weekend 21

Victory Weekend 22

Victory Weekend 23

Victory Weekend 24

Victory Weekend 25

Victory Weekend 26

Cross Training: Spiritual Disciplines

If you’re into sports or follow a sport, you will be aware of the concept of cross training. Cross training is a practice done by athletes wherein they learn and exercise a sport that is different from the one they do professionally.

Cross Training

A swimmer may do biking, a basketball player may do swimming, a football player may do basketball. The objective behind cross training is to allow athletes to grow in other sports and gain the strengths in them.

As Christians, we are called to cross train in different principles. The Bible does not tell us to pray alone and not read the Bible. It does not tell us to fast, but not be generous. In this series, Cross Training, we look into practices that God has taught us and commanded us to grow in, and the spiritual implications of such.

Get ready to stretch that spiritual muscle!


authentic feature

Authenticity in faith is something that Christians desire to have in their walk with God. In fact, authenticity is what we always search for. The real kind of love, the real kind of relationships, the real kind of experiences.

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I Wish Jesus Didn’t Say That

Jesus’ lordship over our lives are challenged most when we face circumstances where we are to obey Him when we would rather have our own way. The Bible teaches that if He is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all. [Read more…]

Biyaheng Semana Santa

holy week

Holy Week has become a major religious culture for the Filipinos. Year after year, people close out offices, schools and open up to the streets and mountain sides to celebrate rituals that, according to passed down belief, help us inherit eternal life.

The Bible is clear about the way to eternal life, and it is not a ritual, nor is it a religion. It is a person- Jesus Christ.

This series, we look into the revelation of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, and it’s implications on us, in this age and the age to come. Get ready for Biyaheng Semana Santa!

Here is the list of weekly topics:

Week one: Balic-Balic (“Holy Week’”)

Week two: Paco (“Sakripisyo”)

Week three: Bagong Pag-Asa (“Patay ang Diyos”)


Victory exists for two things: to honor God, and to make disciples. At the beginning of the year, we all learned what it means to honor God in everything that we do and with everything that we are.

The application was clear, that God should be the center of everything that we do. This time, join us as we look into what discipleship means, and what it takes to be one and to make one. Discipleship is simple, and it is for everyone!

Simple full